Host a Party Online or Be A Hostess and Earn Rewards or FREE Items!

So you've heard a lot of talk about online parties, but the questions you have are how do they work and how well will you do? Online parties are a great way to bring together a group of friends, family or customers to learn more about the products that you sell or help to sell. The host will still receive all of the hostess benefits received at a typical party, the only difference is that the party will be taking place at a chat room online. It's also a great green alternative and budget friendly for both the representative and the hostess. Contact me so you can start hosting one today!
Here are our hostess rewards:

$100-150 = in total sales of a party hostess receives 5% of sales to spend
$151-200 = hostess receives 8% of sales to spend plus a random free gift                  we will send
$201-300 = hostess receives 10% of sales to spend and a random gift                        sent
$301-500 = hostess receives 12% of sales to spend and 2 random gifts                      will be sent
$500-1000 = hostess receives 15% of sales to spend and 3 random gifts                      sent over
$1000 and up = hostess receives 18% of sales to spend and 5 random                        gifts sent

Want to become a rep? Host a party, get $100 in sales, forfeit rewards, and get free basic rep sign up (no kit included with this) 

Contact me today to host a fun online or in home party!
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