Ganoderma Brand Free Affiliate Program

Make 15% Retail Sales - Plus 10% Downline Sales! 
Unless someone wants to give you a free oil well...

  • Coffee is the second largest traded commodity in the world (next to oil).
  • There are over 108 million coffee consumers in the United States.
  • Retail sales are approximately 9.2 billion dollars per year and growing.
  • Coffee drinkers spend on average $164.71 per year on coffee.
  • 54% of the adult population in the United States drinks coffee daily.
  • The average American consumes 3.1 cups of coffee per day.
  • The dietary supplement industry sales total $20 billion-a-year.
  • The health and wellness industry reached $68 billion in 2004.
  • Gano Brand combines all these industries into one Great Cup of Coffee! 

By combining the second largest traded commodity on earth along with the benefits of Ganoderma (Red Mushroom), Gano Brand Coffee is quickly becoming the Healthy Beverage of Choice! Start Earning Today! JOIN FREE!

View Our Commission Payment Chart - WE DO ALL The Shipping For You!!!

Tired Of All The Hype? 
We have a program for you! We will pay you a 15% commission for every sale you generate by sending people to our Healthy Gano Coffee Website. Plus, if you introduce others to this program we will pay you a 10% commission on the sales they make! This is a 3 level program: 

(1) You (15% of retail sale paid to you) 
(2) People who join under you (10% of sale paid to you)

Grow your second level as wide as you like! That's True Unlimited Growth Potential!
How simple is that? Our coffee is NOT priced at $25 a box! How can you make any sales at that price? Our Gano 2-in-1 Healthy Black Coffee is just $10.95 per box. Our 4-in-1 (Cream & Sugar) Gano Healthy Coffee is just $12.95 per box. That's nearly half the price of our competitors suggested retail price! And it tastes great! Convert your existing coffee customers by offering them a lower price and a quality product, with fast and reliable shipping (2-3 Days)!

Why Choose Us? 
Our Company (Bullseye Services) has been in the mail-order business since 1981. We own and operate our own sophisticated mailing facility. We have processed over a quarter of a million orders, and know what it takes to keep your customers coming back for more! Your affiliate information is programed to remain on YOUR customer's computer for 10 years. This will help insure you are paid for every order you generate, current and into the future! We believe in paying you every dime you deserve!

MLM Really Stinks! 
As many of you may know, we tried the MLM thing to the tune of $45,000, and quit the first year. It was a joke! They like to change the rules in the middle of the game. And we sure understand the frustrations you may have faced in the past. This is exactly why we have designed this wonderful new program. It's available to anyone who has a desire to be paid a fair price for their efforts. Simple as that! We are not a multimillion dollar corporation looking to become a billion dollar mega giant. We simply believe in the benefits of The Healthy Gano Coffee Products. We feel we have created a way for people like yourself to offer their customers and website visitors a great healthy product, at an affordable price.

What Do I Get? 
Of course you get a nice commission for every sale! Plus the added commission from anyone who makes sales under you! But to top that off.... you get a unique link code that goes directly to our website. This code set is yours, and yours alone. It places a small set of program instructions on the visitors computer that lets that computer know the sales are generated from you. This code (or cookie) is valid for 10 years. Of course it is renewed each time your customer returns to our site. Even if they don't return directly through your special link code. To help insure you are always paid for your efforts, it's best to place a link on your site directing your customers to our website. You can even register a domain that will "pull" your customers through with your unique code. For instance, you could register and have that domain forward or "pull" to us using your unique code. This way you can use in all your advertising and marketing campaigns. This is just one example you could use. We will provide you with many others.

If you want to actually stock product you can do that too! Just purchase through your own link and receive the 15% commission. When your coffee arrives you have already made a 15% profit! You may sell our coffee on your own for any price you wish to set. That would give you the all desired 15% retail markup right off the bat, anything after that would be pure added gravy.

Sales Tools? 
Print marketing tools such as business cards, flyers, etc., can be purchased by clicking on the Marketing Tools Link We will be charging a small fee for these items (near our cost). Much less than others! Example: 250 Full Color Personalized Business Cards are around $20.00. 

We have banners (welcome to use your own). If you do make your own banners, please have us approve them first. No medical claims, etc. Remember, the FDA gets very much upset about ANY health claims. Sites making such claims will be removed from the program. Sorry... that's the rules here in the U.S. See our terms before you join.

Payments And Taxes: 
Payments for the previous months sales are paid on the following month... Example: Sales in January are paid in February. No minimum sales are required. Payment threshold is $50 in commission. However, we roll your commissions to the next month if your do not meet a check being issued for the month. There is NO LIMIT on how many times (months) you may roll your commissions. We pay you every single penny earned! We pay for every direct sale and 2nd level sale! We will issue an IRS W-9 Tax ID form to you, should you meet the standards for issuance. You are to be responsible for paying your own taxes from the income we send you. This is the rule of the IRS, not us. The form should be returned to us, not the IRS. The IRS requires W-9 Forms to be on file when total reportable payments to any individual, sole proprietor, or business equals or exceeds $600 per year. If we have paid you this amount over the past year, and we have requested this form to be filed, please Click Here.

Tracking Your Sales: 
You will be assigned a unique affiliate ID along with a password to track your sales in real-time! No waiting for months to see what's coming to you. Of course this tracking access is free to all affiliates (unlike others). 

If you are currently involved in another marketing program offering Gano Based Coffee Products, take the time to sit down and add up what you have really made. Compare it to what you have spent on shipping, advertising, web hosting, etc. You may be shocked! We believe you will see with our Unlimited Second Level 10% commission, and the 15% Retail Sale Commission we pay, the potential for profit here is much greater! We won't be placing any fancy pie carts or ridiculous stair step charts online here. You can plainly see the plan... Build out your second level as large as you like. Quit losing money on having product shipped to you, just so you can turn around and ship them to your customers. Stop worrying about making it to the next level. Quit wasting time on a downline that never produces. When the program is free, it's a much softer sell to get other people to join. Stop buying into a pipe dream that will never happen. Start being paid what you are worth! Take time out! We will handle the shipping and customer service for you... that's what we have done for the past 30 years! Now it's your turn to relax. Build your customer base and go take a vacation! You have absolutely nothing to lose!

(Available To U.S. And Puerto Rico Residents Only) 

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